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The Captains Choice selections are the 'best in class' resources for the USCG Licensed Master and the recreational boater.


Professional Captain Book 

 captains choice2Make Money With Your Captain's License by David Brown.
...describes how to get a job on a boat or run a practical boat-based business, including fishing charters, excursions, dinner cruises, and water taxis. He also covers business issues, safety, marketing, liability, and Coast Guard licensing requirements.



OUPV/100Ton USCG exam preparation 


Get Your Captain's License by Charlie Wing.
... the best test-prep resource available for the U.S. Coast Guard captain's exams. This fully updated and greatly expanded new edition covers the exams for the OUPV license and the 100-ton Masters license. ** New - Rev 4 **


Free Online Resources

  See the 'Classroom Read-Aheads' section.


Inland/Coastal Recreational Boater Navigation Course 


The Weekend Navigator by Bob Sweet.
... Ideal for inland and coastal cruisers, sportfishers, and aspiring recreational boaters, this innovative handbook features an easy-to-use, quick-reference format that helps you operate your GPS, depth sounder, and radar and interpret what they tell you. ** New - Rev 2 **


Free Online Resource

  See the 'Classroom Read-Aheads' section.

 Nautical Rules of the Road


Online *FREE* USCG Navigation Rules



captains choice2Nautical Rules of the Road, 4th ed. updated by Steven Browne.
... well-respected Rules of the Road is designed for recreational boaters, maritime students, and professional mariners. For easy reference, the Inland and International Rules are displayed side by side with differences highlighted and instructional comments interspersed throughout. 


Starpath Nav Rules Plus
...a training tool and resource for anyone who wants to learn the Rules of the Road thoroughly — for their own safety or for preparation for a USCG license exam.

  Software -

 Nautical Charts & Chart Symbols





captains choice2How to Read a Nautical Chart - by Nigel Calder. .... presents a number of original features that help readers make optimum use of the data found in Chart No. 1, including a more intuitive format, crucial background information, international chart symbol equivalents, electronic chart symbology, and thorough explanations of the practical aspects of nautical chart reading.  ** New - Rev 2 **


captains-choice12 Bowditch - Chapter 3 Nautical Charts 

 Marine RADAR


captains choice2Radar For Mariners by David Burch.     

  • Choose the best radar model. Install, adjust, and operate your system
  • Interpret the images on your radar screen
  • Pilot your boat and track the movements of vessels around you
  • Interface your radar with a digital compass, GPS, or electronic chart

  A printed copy -

 captains-choice14 Starpath Radar Trainer 3 - Simulator
... Includes a complete updated copy of Radar Trainer 2 as well as the all new land chart plotter simulator.

  Software -


Bowdtich - Chapter 13 Radar Navigation
RADAR Manual
PUB 1310captains-choice16
PUB 1310 - Free Online 

 Marine Weather


captains choice2Modern Marine Weather by David Burch
... comprehensive text on how to take weather into account for the planning and navigation of voyages, local or global, using the latest technologies as well as the time-honored skills of maritime tradition, so that your time on the water remains as safe and efficient as possible.

  A printed copy -

 captains-choice18  Bowdtich - Chapter 35 Weather Elements

 Interactive & Video


captains choice2Digital Selective Calling (DSC) - Radio Simulator


Marlinespike Seamanship - Animated Knots by Grog

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